Love this article. There ended up being no open discussions with the public from our local council. Even though consultation was promised we are treated like idiots. Closed doors and no members of public welcome. CAIRNS IS STUFFED. People that worked for Fung were told that there would be no press release on how many locals will work there. Why? Few jobs are going to residents that’s why, so it’s best to not do anything at all. Yorkeys Knob Community Group were issued with funds from Fung, hence their backing. They have even admitted to this.
Progress is not a region reliant on a casino and thwart with failing health services and infrastructure. If you think this is progress you are a fool. Get your head out of where the sun don’t shine people. Real estate will only move a little. Why? Chinese developers are already building the accommodation for the workers in town. Tiny room. So tiny only a culture like China would be their demographic. Use your brains!
In the EIS Aquis said that there will be high/extreme pressure on roads, infrastructure and health services. They also stated that the casino will have a huge detrimental affect on the lifestyle.
And if you think that you’re going to get a job in the construction phase, don’t hold your hopes up too high. To bring in workers all they have to do is prove that Cairns does not have the resources or expertise to build something of this size. That’s not going to be hard at all, considering our state government have their hands around their ankles with their pants down on the floor.