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Looking for things to do in Cairns that get the blood and those endorphins pumping? 6 days a week, Cairns Esplanade provides Active Living, a free fitness course for all to enjoy.

Healthy living is good living and Cairns City Council are right on it, providing a fantastic and free range of fitness programs for both locals and visitors. It’s name… Active Living.

Operating since 2003, Active Living is a fantastic (and free) range of fitness classes that really encourage those living in Cairns to get out there and live it.

Since it inception, the classes provided along Cairns Esplanade have grown substantially in popularity, for both tourists and locals. This success ultimately derives from the fact that the classes provided are all entry level, so even if it’s your first time, you can just jump in and get right into it. For those visiting or moving to Cairns, it’s a great way to meet new people and get fit!

For people looking to try out some of the classes that are held on the Esplanade, please check the list below. Note that sometimes there are changes to classes, so be sure to check out the site after you read the class list below.

Introductory classes include:

Aqua Aerobics

We spent a majority of our foetal life floating in water, so of course water has an unexplainable relaxing affect on us. Burn those calories and reduce stress with a low impact exercise routine designed even for those that can’t swim.

Beach Volleyball

Get the blood pumping with Maverick and Goose! Increase your hand eye co-ordination, make new friends and be a part of some really cool team work. It’s all about the fun!

Body Strong Balance, Strength and Flexibility

Get a good all-round workout, focusing on strength, flexibility and balance. Fun for all the family, your tools are your own body weight, balls and resistance bands to give you that good burn!

Aqua Zumba

Aquatic exercises are popular, however, combine it with Zumba and and you’ve literally got a pool party going on, with a strong focus on cardio and body toning exercises.


Bouldering is a very fun and safe way to get introduced to rock climbing. Suited to all experience levels of rock climbers, get the thrills and skills of rock climbing without the common risks associated. Shoes recommended to bring are sneakers or better yet… Volleys.

Boxin Fun

Incorporating punches, kicks and knees, Boxingfun will get you building up your fitness and strength… rapidly. Burn that fat and get your cardio up to a new level.

Circuit and Cross Training

Looking for a  way to lose weight and develop your strength? Circuit and Cross Training is both fun and safe.


Looking for things to do in Cairns with kids? Perhaps you’re a new mum and want to have your baby experience something that you can both enjoy? This 45 minute class includes fun for the babies, pelvic and ab exercises, stretching and strength routines.


Pilates is for every walk of life. Improve your flexibility and work on those issues you may have such as back pain and muscle misalignment.

Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Develop your third eye and awaken your soul and being to a new sense of awareness. Sahaja Yoga Meditation is fantastic for both mental and spiritual well being.

Tai Chi

An effective exercise for both health and well being, Tai Chi can assist with disorders such as fatigue, stress, arthritis and anxiety. Learn postural control and how to relax both body and mind.


Yoga is more than fitness, it is a philosophy of life. Improve strength, posture, flexibility and even techniques on breathing that can improve your life and its quality.

Zumba Fitness

Let’s face it. Zumba has taken the world by storm and it’s no mystery why. Latin and international music fused with high energy exercise routines make it a very popular and fun way to shed those kilos and firm up the body.


The name say it all. Parkrun is a 5 km run where you can run for fun or even try to push yourself to a new level. Either way, it’s a great way to get out there and get the blood and feet pumping!

Click here to see the times and days that these classes are held.

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