Live in Cairns? Air Conditioning Essential!

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Want to live in Cairns? Well… you better make sure that you have the right air conditioning or your first Summer could possibly ruin your first Summer in the beautiful tropics.

When it comes to Cairns Summers, humidity and the wet season, an air conditioner is absolutely mandatory. In fact, let us rephrase that. “Air conditioning” is essential! Not just in one room… in most of the rooms in your house. When you experience that first Cairns Summer, you are going to thank us. We’ve been there. We’ve done it. We’ve learnt the hard way.

If you are looking to rent, make sure that you check out the air conditioners in the house. Are they old? If so, they are probably very inefficient and seeing how much energy prices are going up, they could end up costing you a bombshell. So much that you could go into cardiac arrest when you receive that post-Summer energy bill.

If you’re looking to start living in Cairns and rent in the beginning (as most do), make sure that you have air conditioners in “at least” all of the bedrooms that people will be sleeping in, as well as areas of the house that will be consistently utilised.

If you’re looking to buy property in Cairns, make sure that you check out the current air conditioning situation. If you’ve got some old rattlers sitting in those walls, you’re going to have to replace them, unless you like giving Ergon Energy your money. Also, if the house only has a couple of air conditioners, you’re going to have to fork out quite a bit to have the rest of the main areas fitted with new ones and that’s not going to be cheap. Factor that in when you are looking to buy.

Air conditioners that we can recommend as efficient and of high quality are the ones manufactured by Daikin. Top quality, they will last for years and are very efficient. If you’re looking to have some installed, I strongly suggest you become buddies with an electrician. Mates rates, plus sparkies are the most fun out of all tradesmen.

So next time you’re looking around on the hunt for houses in Cairns, be sure to investigate the air conditioners and where they are located. Many houses in Cairns do not have them in every room and unless there is a duct system throughout, It is going to make life that extra bit harder when you hit that first Summer.

Don’t make the same mistakes so many have in the past. Make sure you have sufficient cooling in your house. You’ll thanks us in the long run!

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