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Looking for things to do in Cairns that can feed your fascination for dangerous Australian wildlife? Perhaps the Australian Venom Zoo can help? Crikey! There’s some kind of strange attraction that many people have when it comes to dangerous animals and if you’re one of those people that likes to get up close and personal with the less cuddly kind of wildlife, the Australian Venom Zoo will be for you!

Located in Kuranda, Northwest of Cairns, the Australian Venom Zoo is home to some very scaly, some very hairy and some very scary residents and we’re not talking about the staff! Ever been face to face with a giant tarantula? Some grow up to 17 cm in size, so it’s a real freak out to see them in real life! Remember that movie Arachnophobia? I think we all do and these guys breed them, as the only licensed Cairns Venom Zoo has a lot more than just creepy crawly spiders, housing a large variety of venomous (and non-venomous) critters, including snakes, scorpions, centipedes, reptiles, fish and insects. Plus… you get to handle some too (the non-venomous types of course).

Australian Venom Zoo have some very knowledgeable staff, providing guided tours and talks about many of the wildlife within the complex, where you will learn about each animals individual hunting techniques, instincts and defence mechanisms. Learning these facts can really make the experience “frighteningly” educational, yet it’s all fun, even the “milking”.

Nearly every day, the staff will perform a public milking of a venomous species. They don’t grab them by the teat and work that snake milk into a tiny little bucket of course! They’re milking them for their venom and nowhere else in the world allows this to be publicly viewed, so it’s quite a privilege. It’s also for a good cause.

The extracted venom is sent all over the world to assist scientist with medical research in the quest for cures and remedies to some of the worlds most fatal diseases. The crew at Australian Venom Zoo are effectively helping to save lives. So if you’re heading up to Kuranda and looking for some cool Cairns attractions, make sure you pop into the Australian Venom Zoo. You will learn some interesting facts and get to handle some wildlife that you would normally never get the opportunity to. Get out there and live it!

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