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When it comes to waterfalls in Cairns and surrounding regions, there is certainly no shortage, yet when it comes to magnitude Barron Falls is by far the leader of the pack!

Located in Barron Gorge National Park (just over 30 minutes drive North West of Cairns) Barron Falls is very popular waterfall that is truly a remarkable sight to behold in both scale and beauty.

Fed by the Barron River, the falls are best viewed during the wet season (Summer), pumping insane amounts of waters down its multi-tiered cliff face with unbelievable power. During times of heavy rainfall, you will often see Barron Falls surrounded by a huge mist, which makes for fantastic photo opportunities. This is not to say that the falls are not as stunning during the dry season (Winter and Autumn months) and although only a trickle through many months of the year, even a trickle down the waterfall makes for a memorable viewing on a sunny Cairns day.

There are a few options you can take to view the falls. Barron Falls Shuttle Bus in Kuranda is available if you are up there in the lovely township of Kuranda. You also have the option to view via train with Kuranda Scenic Railway, which stops off along the way and gives passengers an opportunity to view and photograph the waterfall from a different angle. Skyrail also provide gondolas that travel up from the base of the range and give you an opportunity to stop off along the way up to Kuranda to view the falls at a well positioned lookout. You can even drive yourself and view the lookout located up near Kuranda.

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