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If you want to live in Cairns, you want to find the best suburb for you and/or your family. This can be a tough task, simply because there are so many variables to take into consideration. When you are looking to live in a Cairns suburb, you  may be after something that has schools nearby, or perhaps a beach, or then again you might be seeking any active night life.

To sum it up, there is no way to really pin point what is the best suburbs in Cairns to live, however there are some recommendations that we can give.

Tips and Tricks

Look at suburbs that are North West. These include, Stratford, Freshwater, Redlynch, Kamerunga, Caravonica and Brinsmead.

Check out suburbs on the Northern Beaches. These consist of Machan’s Beach, Yorkey’s Knob, Trinity Beach, Kewarra Beach, Clifton Beach and Palm Cove.

Locals will advise you to be be careful with the M suburbs. These include Manunda, Mooroobool and Manoora. Although close to the city, many residents consider them to be riddled with issues such as robbery and break and enters. Then again, others that have lived there have not reported a single issue. Community projects have been implemented to change these suburbs which are now making a come back.

Suburbs in the south have also had a bad reputation in the past. These include Woree, White Rock, Mount Sheridan and Edmonton. In the past these suburbs have been associated with cheap housing and higher rates of crime, however these suburbs now seem to be picking up.

Avoid the newer estates if you enjoy your space. They are popping up all over Cairns. You will be squashed in like sardines and paying way too much for land in these suburbs that are just not established enough to warrant the price.

Now, there obviously are good streets and pockets in the areas we have not recommended, however we highly advise you do some strong research if you are looking into these areas. Anyone that does live in Cairns and keeps up to date with news and word of mouth will tell you the same. The decision of where to live in Cairns, of course, will ultimately be your own. Just try to make your first choice the right one.

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  1. Be wary of suburbs in the South. These include Woree, White Rock, Mount Sheridan and Edmonton. They are cheaper, however, they are cheaper for a reason. What is the reason for Edmonton please as that is the suburb I was interested in.

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