When is the best time to go to Cairns?

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When is the best time to go to Cairns? We get asked this question all the time, so let’s cover this topic once and for all!

Whether you’re on a holiday or moving to start living in Cairns, the best time has to be late Autumn early Winter. Simply because the weather is the most clement that time of the year… traditionally. We use the term traditionally loosely, because with the weather the way it is nowadays, nothing is certain and Cairns is certainly not exempt from global warming and the recent phenomenal weather changes. Global warming aside though, we would have to say Winter is the best time to go to Cairns.

Winter is bliss. Not like experiencing  jumping out of a plane kind of bliss. It’s more of a “this is so awesome” kind of vibe. Winter often comprises of week upon week of blue skies, light winds and 25 – 27 degrees Celsius. Nights can get cold for those that have acclimatised to Cairns, we’re talking about 14 degrees Celsius. That’s pretty cold in Cairns.

Winter in Cairns is also the most popular tourist time of the year. The weather is fair and warm and for many not used to the tropical lifestyle, it’s better than most Summers. Everywhere is game in Winter. The Great Barrier Reef is often calm without the trade winds blowing it out, the lagoons and waterfalls are crisp and the rainforests are green as usual. Winter is Cairns without the humidity and mostly without the rain.

In terms of an adjustment period, to adjust to Cairns Summers, humidity and the wet season, Winter is a perfect time to start to live in Cairns. It gives you that downtime to enjoy the fantastic weather and gives you time to acclimatise. Heading up in Summer will be a shock, but hey, we can’t always pick when we are going to live in Cairns.

In conclusion, Winter is the best time to go to Cairns. For many it will be like their Summer where they live. For many more, even warmer. Get out there and get in it!

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