Bloomfield Falls

Looking for a great waterfall in the Cape Tribulation region? If you have a 4WD we highly recommend you stop by the indigenous community of Wujal Wujal and visit the Bloomfield Falls, a sacred site of the local Kuku Yalanji clan.

Cascading over 40 metres from the hills above, Bloomfield Falls offer visitors spectacular photo opportunities. There is no swimming at the falls, however, as estuarine crocodiles are present and out of respect for the aboriginal culture.

Access to Bloomfield Falls is possible by a short walking track that leads to rocky vantage points from where the waterfall can be viewed. The track is uneven and rocky so caution is required. If you are keen to gain local insight into the aboriginal culture and history of the area and its people, there are tours operating that can provide more information.

During the wet season (December to April), access to the falls from Cairns via the Bloomfield Track can become quite perilous. Bloomfield Falls are accessible most of the year from the north, via the inland route to Cooktown, where the road is sealed.

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Bloomfield Falls
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