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Looking for entertaining things to do in Cairns that venture a little out of the norm? Roller Derby could be the answer, as the local Cairns Reef City Roller Girls really know how to put on a show. These girls go hard!

Roller Derby continues to rapidly grow world wide in popularity and it’s not hard to see why. Young women, knocking the hell out of each other in a fast paced sport with players names such as “Killer Bones”, “Bible Basher” and “Pocket Rocket”, of course it’s no surprise why the sport is catching on so rapidly.

The rules behind the sport are actually quite simple.

In each bout (thirty minutes halves) you have jams (two minute periods). During each jam, each team has a single player that is called the “Jammer”, who has one purpose… to weave through the rival teams skaters, gaining a point for each skater that she overtakes.

The Jammer is supported by the rest of her team, known as “Blockers”. Blockers work in unity to provide offence and defence, blocking the oppositions Jammer and at the same time trying to clear a path for their own Jammer, through both strategy and physical blocks with their shoulder and hips.

As you can gather, the sport is full of tumbles and stacks, however the players are all padded up pretty well, so injuries are not very common, not to say that they don’t happen though, as Roller Derby is a very physical sport.

When played in Cairns, the games are held at Cairns Recreation Centre, located in Cairns North which is a great central location to access from all suburbs in Cairns.

So if you’re looking for Cairns attractions for the kids or for somewhere different with a great atmosphere, check out Cairns Roller Derby and support the Reef City Roller Girls. A great night out for everyone!

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Cairns Recreation Centre, 44 Behan Street, Manunda QLD 4870, Australia
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