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We all know that Cairns is a fantastic place to holiday, however it’s also fantastic for those wanting to make a sea change or a tree change. Did you know that ten of thousands of Australians think about making a sea change or tree change every year? Of those only a small percentage have the opportunity / guts to take the chance.

For those of you that feel like you’re up for a big adventure, perhaps Cairns could be on your short list of places to make a better life? Living in Cairns gives you the best of both worlds, which makes it a unique location for those looking to get out of the dirty, crowded, stressful cities.

As more and more Australians are looking to escape the daily grind of the urban lifestyle, why not take a look at this short two part video to get a feeling for what Cairns is all about and why so many Australians and foreigners decide that living in Cairns is a top priority.

A great scoop on Cairns and its lifestyle for people looking to holiday in or move to Cairns. This is a two part video and the second part can be accessed here. Enjoy!

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