Cairns Suburbs Affected by Airport Noise Pollution

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If you’re looking to live in Cairns, you need to me made aware of the suburbs in Cairns that are affected by aircraft noise pollution. After all, you are probably moving to Cairns for some peace and quiet and the last thing you want is the sound of planes ruining your chill vibe! Although, there are many that don’t mind it.

Now, there are 3 suburbs that you need to be aware of. Yorkeys Knob, Holloways Beach and Machans Beach. All 3 suffer from aircraft noise pollution, some worse than others, however all 3 can be classified as in the zone for low flying planes that land (and sometimes take off) at Cairns Airport.

The flight path that planes utilise to land at Cairns Airport is in the direct line that all 3 of these suburbs are positioned. This is highly unlikely to change, unless of course another airport is built. Although these suburbs do tend to get the most traffic, Trinity Park, Trinity Beach and Kewarra Beach also get a bit of noise, all depending on factors such as wind direction, flying conditions etc.

So if you are looking to move up to Cairns, just be aware that the Northern Beaches does get the flight path. Don’t let this deter you from the suburbs though. All 3 are very beautiful with close knit communities and great houses. Do your research and check your suburbs, as there are certain parts of Yorkeys Knob, Holloways Beach and Machans Beach that do not seem to receive much air traffic at all.

Also, be aware that Cairns Northern beaches are not the only suburbs to be looking when moving to Cairns. Due to explosive population growth and lack of infrastructural development to accommodate this growth, living in the Northern beaches can be an absolute nightmare if you are looking to drive into town during peak hour. You will often be looking at 1 hour plus to get into town now. For some people this sounds okay, however, considering this trip has literally doubled in time over the last several years, it does not say much for future travel times.

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