Cairns Summer, humidity and the wet season

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Cairns Summers. Man! For those living in Cairns, they really do separate the men from the mice. Cairns Summers are notorious for breaking people. Many that move to Cairns have this perception of heat (and more importantly of humidity)  but when they experience it first hand, it’s truly an eye opener.

Unless you have come from a tropical climate, your first Cairns Summer is going to probably have you questioning why you moved to Cairns. We’re not going to paint a pretty picture for you, there is a chance that it’s going to break you. It has happened to the best of people and there is a chance that you will not be able to tolerate it.

Some staff here at Cairns Lifestyle recall their first Summer in Cairns. For some of us, we envisioned a furnace from hell when living in a Cairns Summer, where thermometers popped and the road melted. This may have been a contributing factor in regards to how some of us handled the first Summer so well compared to most. It was nothing like this, however, the humidity for those few months can be a real trial.

When you start living in Cairns, we strongly advise that you move up during a Winter period. It will give you time to adjust to the climate as well as give you a good warm up for your first Summer. A typical Cairns Summer is sweat, heat and on a bad day, avoiding going outside between the hours of 11 am – 2 pm. Seriously, it is that intense. The rain does bring reprieve though.

We’ve never seen rain so heavy in our entire life, as we have in Cairns. It’s a beautiful thing, very relaxing. Especially at night, as the green tree frogs come out and it brings a true display of the why people enjoy living in Cairns so much. During a hot spell it can really bring on the humidity though. All that water has to go somewhere and guess what? It’s evaporating, creating more humidity.

Tips and Tricks

Drink litres of water. We recommend 3 – 5 litres a day. Trust us, you’re going to sweat out just as much.

Avoid the heat of the day. Keep indoors and keep cool. Predominately 11 am to 2 pm.

Rent a house with a pool or close access to a pool and make sure it has air conditioning! Trust us, it makes a world of difference.

Take multi vitamins. There’s also a great naturopath in Cairns that can also significantly reduce the adjustment process. Judy Harland is an exceptional medical practitioner. CLICK HERE for Judy’s information.

Have a few cold ones. Hey! It’s Cairns, Far North Queensland. It’s the Aussie culture.

Now the good news. You adjust. Yes! You do. We now don’t mind the humidity after going through two Summers. You will also find that you don’t really use the air conditioner much any more, comfortable with the breeze from a ceiling fan. Your body acclimatises to the heat, where you begin to feel cold in temperatures under 22 degrees Celsius.

Don’t get us wrong, Winters are beautiful, 25 average everyday and weeks of blue skies. Yet, you will start to feel cold at night and on some days as well. Talk to anyone that has moved to Cairns and they’ll say the same thing.

To summarise, a Cairns Summer can be difficult when you experience your first, however you will find that once you are living in Cairns for a while, you will not only adjust, you will thrive.

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