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Wildlife parks are a popular Cairns attraction, especially for those looking for things to do in Cairns that allow them to interact with animals that they normally wouldn’t get a chance to. Yet one of the most popular wildlife parks in the region would have to be Cairns Tropical Zoo.

Drive 25 minutes North of Cairns and you will come across the award winning Cairns Tropical Zoo, a fantastic wildlife exhibition that is very popular with tourists and locals alike.

Situated on over 6 hectares, the zoo features a vast range of wildlife habitats and displays and coupled with rainforest style landscaping throughout, provides a full day of entertainment and discovery for the whole family.

Now, we’ve written articles about Cairns wildlife zoos and wildlife parks before, so you’re probably wondering how is this one different from the rest? It has it’s mammals, birds and reptiles, yes, but the zoo brings something a little different to the table.

Cairns Tropical Zoo has a very strong emphasis on interaction. We’re not talking about tours (which are provided throughout the day) and getting up close to the animals in the zoo, we are referring to the type of interactions that results in close physical contact with some wildlife that are not commonly “accessible”.

“Zoomstastic Wildlife Encounters” is a relatively new concept at the zoo, which gives visitors the opportunity to experience personalised interactive tours with five of the zoos favourites.

Activities include cuddling and feeding koalas, feeding cassowaries and other native birds, getting up close and personal with an eagle, meeting a wombat and then there’s our personal favourites.

Holding alligators, snakes and lizards, hanging out with some cute little lemurs and last but not least… pole feeding a big crocodile! Yes, we saved the best for last! All we can say is the sound they make when those jaws snap are a scary indication of the massive force behind that bite. Absolutely thrilling!

All this activity and awesomeness is great for couples (both young and old) yet you’ll find that children will certainly get the most out of the zoo, so if you’re looking for things to do in Cairns with kids, Cairns Tropical Zoo is a sure bet.

When you’re after a break, be sure to check out the Koala Cafe for great snacks and meals or even some cold drinks, as all this walking around in Cairns can knock you around on a hot/humid day.

So when you’re out and about in Cairns and thinking of what to do next, be sure to check out Cairns Tropical Zoo. Fun for all and… all for fun!

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