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Partying in Cairns is often high on the agenda for visitors looking for things to do in Cairns… and so it should be. One thing Cairns knows how to do is party and the crew at Cairns Ultimate Party are true “party professionals”!

Providing a double decker bus, a big group of party goers, raunchy and fun activities and hosts with more experience in partying than your modern day rock star…  you have the ingredients for a real night out to remember! Let the party professionals take the stress out of organising that night out. After all… with a motto like “sleep in not an option” you know these guys know how to kick it and they even cater for the mid week party renegades!

Think Wednesdays are boring for getting out on the town? Think again! Wednesdays accommodate Saturdays as the designated nights out on the town, where Ultimate Party take you out on the town to deliver a jam packed night at some of the best bars and clubs in Cairns.

For Wednesdays, indulge in a fantastic atmosphere and unleash your inner party animal as the crew from Ultimate Party bus you from bar to bar (free entry with drinks at VIP prices), in an awesome pub crawl that will leave you with a night (and often new friends) you will never forget, plus plenty of food to keep you going.

Saturday nights are club tours. Explore some amazing Cairns clubs and pubs and unleash the party beast within! Yet, both tours have the same principles. If you feel that super vibe, stay at the venue you love! After all, it’s all about you and if you find that one sweet spot, you should really go with it. Yet it’s not all about the party!

Prizes are to be won throughout the night. Some really sweet ones too, including sky diving, bungee jumping, Juicy rentals and more! Just be sure to bring along your adventurous spirit with you. Competitions and activities often involve super sexy challenges, so bring your mojo baby!

Want to get off the mainland? Tired of the partying on land? On the last Friday of every month, the crew at Cairns Ultimate Party head out to Fitzroy Island! An hour boat ride from Cairns and you’re out on the Great Barrier Reef on a tropical island. Sexy!

A big night is guaranteed, as well as crazy themed games and activities. Even out of Cairns, the guys at Cairns Ultimate Party know how to throw a crazy good time. Who knows… you may even end up in a sexy adventure with a new found fellow party goer? There’s nothing more exhilarating than that first night of instant mutual attraction!

The crew at Cairns Ultimate Party just don’t cater for scheduled tours. They also provide unforgettable nights out for special events, including private functions, birthday parties, hens and bucks nights and much more. So check the zero and get with the hero! When you’re looking for some cool Cairns attractions and are in the mood for partying, be sure to check out Cairns Ultimate Party. Live it!

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