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Cairns weather. Beautiful one day… perfect the next. That’s the best way to describe Cairns weather, although, Cairns also has a reputation for its humidity and heavy rainfalls. In fact when you ask people about what they know about Cairns weather and its climate, those are the first topics many will bring up. I can tell you, humidity and rainfall have often been greatly over exaggerated.

Hey, we’re not saying that a Summer can sometimes test you, however the monsoonal season (wet season) just isn’t what it used to be. Ask the real locals about this years or last years wet season and they will say the same thing. Nothing like it was a decade ago.

Cairns weather has changed. Cairns, just like everywhere else is experiencing unusual weather. The Summers are different. It does not rain anywhere near as much. The heat though is more intense, thankfully only short term. We have an article here that talks about the wet season in Cairns.

Now, moving on from the wet, let’s move onto bliss. Autumn, Winter and most of Spring. One way to describe the Cairns Winter is amazing and is considered to be the optimal time to visit Cairns. The Cairns Winter is by far the loveliest time of the year to be living in Cairns. Blue skies, 26 degrees every day on average, many weeks without even seeing a cloud. Sometime you actually get sick of the beautiful weather, longing for a slight drizzle.

Funny as that sounds, the weather in Cairns in Winter and the surrounding months reminds many of how Summers were before the 90s in Australia. Before the change in weather.

So, if you’re deterred by cyclones, humidity and floods, don’t fret. These come with the territory of living in tropical QLD, however, a majority of the year is truly blissful. Check out some of our other article about living in Cairns to get a better idea of weather and climate.

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