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After adventurous things to do in Cairns, or that different experience? Out to test your strength or bravery? Maybe up for a bit of a challenge? Either way, Cairns Zoom is a thrill filled day out for all!

Located in the dome of Cairns Reef Casino, Cairns Zoom has a lot going on. Not only is it hovering over a wildlife habitat (including a crocodile enclosure), it’s also home to a fantastic obstacle course jam packed with dozens of enjoyable challenges.

Comprised of climbing walls, tunnels, flying foxes, cargo nets, zip lines and a full arsenal of other fun challenges, Cairns Zoom provides a good time for both young and old, with courses catering for beginners all the way to advanced.

Test your balance, endurance and aptitude as you navigate through a course that will challenge both your spirit and skills. Not feeling confident to take on some of the more advanced challenges? No worries. The beauty about the selection of courses that you can take on is that you get to choose your paths and difficulty levels.

Cairns Zoom provides a few ropes courses, each one catering for every level, including mid level, zip line and high level courses, not to mention one of the best… the Dome Climb.

Take an external walk around the top of the dome and get a birds eye view of the city and its surrounding landscapes. There is nothing like viewing the surrounding mountains of Cairns from heights. It’s also an ideal location for that perfect shot of Cairns.

With all this talk of heights and action, rest assured that Cairns Zoom is extremely safe. When taking on any course of your choice, know that the staff take meticulous care in regards to equipment and safety. Supervision and experienced staff are always at hand, to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable day out.

So the next time you are looking for somef heart pumping activities in Cairns, make sure you check out Cairns Zoom. It doesn’t matter if you’re a die hard thrill seeker, or just an inquisitive beginner. It’s all about the fun!

After all that air time you’ll probably be happy to be on solid ground again, so when you’re done, head down to explore the Wildlife Dome below. It’s a great opportunity to get up close and personal with some of Australia’s  unique wildlife.

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