Crystal Cascades

Cairns is abundant with fresh water swimming holes and lagoons, they are literally everywhere. Yet if you’re after a beautiful swimming location that’s close to Cairns, we highly recommend Crystal Cascades.

Located just 15 minutes West of Cairns next to the suburb of Brinsmead, Crystal Cascades is undoubtedly a local favourite when it comes to things to do in Cairns, yet is very often overlooked by many tourists, which has helped this stunning swimming hole to maintain its allure and popularity as a relatively low profile swimming hole. Its popularity however, is surpassed only by its thrilling beauty.

Scattered throughout Crystal Cascades are several swimming holes, many with their own exclusive waterfall features and stunning rainforest backdrops. With many of the swimming holes blanketed in tropical green canopies, it can be very hard not to lose yourself once set upon its dream like scenery. Getting there, however, can be a bit of a task.

Unfortunately, unless you have a car or an equivalent form of transport, you probably won’t be visiting Crystal Cascades. The roads leading into the swimming holes are quite a distance, too far for most to walk. However, where Crystal Cascades lacks in accessibility, it does provide basic amenities such as picnic tables and public toilets for visitors and it’s also a top spot to take the kids.

As a family location, the kids will absolutely loves frolicking in the waters, exploring the rock pools and watching the fresh water fish as they glide through the crystal clear waters. Just watch those rocks, some of them can be quite slippery!

With all this fun though, there are a few things of note that we feel we need to share with you, to ensure you have the awesome day you deserve.

Tips and Tricks

Crystal Cascades is prone to flash flooding. It is not recommended to swim there after a good downfall. People have drowned in the past.

Stinging Trees (better known as wait-a-while) are abundant in the forest and on walking tracks. Beware, they have tiny hooks. Ouch!

Crystal Cascades does get busier in Summer, especially during a humid day. Get there early if you want the top spots.

The water can get quite… refreshing. Seriously, sometimes it feels like ice, so keep your brave face on. It is worth it.

So if you’re close to town and looking for things to do in Cairns to cool down, make sure you make a drive to Crystal Cascades. As a Cairns local favourite, you just can’t go wrong.

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