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Cairns comes with a certain type of lifestyle that some residents take to the extreme. Unfortunately, one of these is drink driving. When you’re living in Cairns you’ll soon catch on that Cairns is notorious for it. So notorious that it has reached near epidemic status.

You see, the thing about living in the tropics is that the relaxed lifestyle brings with it a demeanour that inherently… relaxed. People that live in Cairns are just chilled out. They live in the tropics, so why wouldn’t they be? Well… it’s all good unless it comes to the combination of alcohol and a vehicle. We’ve written articles about the drivers in Cairns before and we’re almost certain that many of them are either drunk or high. Yes, we went there, yet we have to share this with you because it’s important.

The police in Cairns blitz regularly. They also do it at irregular times of the day, regardless of weekends or weekdays. Is it really worth it? If you lose your license in Cairns, you’re stuffed. Seriously, relying on public transport to get around Cairns sucks. When you live in Cairns for a while you will realise this. Cairns is no big city and Cairns bus services are just as relaxed as the people.

Here’s some advice for you if you’re thinking about drinking and driving in Cairns… just don’t do it!

If you’re living in Cairns or are just up for a holiday, the same rule applies. Don’t drink and drive. Stay safe, keep your license and most importantly… your life.

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