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Looking for free things to do in Cairns or maybe a relaxing beach to spend time with the kids, go for a dip or get some great photos? Ellis beach is a top spot for all, providing stunning scenery and a good taste of tropical living.

30 minutes North of Cairns City, you are going to notice a few changes. The mountains start to get very close to the ocean and things become even slower “if that’s really possible in Cairns”. You will also notice a beautiful golden beach, where the rainforest meets the ocean. It’s name… Ellis Beach.

Ellis Beach is one of the prettiest beaches around Cairns. Both under crowded and stunning, Ellis Beach is often visited by people leaving Cairns heading up North or by those heading down South into Cairns. This makes the beach very unique, as it is not a huge tourist destination and you can easily grab a bit of sand for yourself to soak in the stunning landscape.

Ellis Beach literally backs onto the mountains. When you stare up, you will view absolutely stunning mountain greenery. It brings a fantastic feature to the beach, as do other little things that you notice as you explore the shores.

Along the golden sand you will often find some fascinating shells, cool rock features, a clear view of Double Island to the South and a long row of palms and tropical trees to relax under between swims in the ocean.

Tips and Tricks

Swim in the nets, especially during stinger season.

If you’re thirsty or a little peckish we recommend Ellis Beach Bar and Grill

Crocodiles can be in the waters and although very rare, just be aware.

Ellis Beach provides a designated netted area for those looking to swim at the beach and will often have a few waves if you’re a keen surfer and miss the action. Sure, they’re not big waves, but beggars can’t be choosers!

Feeling a little peckish? Head over the road to Ellis Beach Bar and Grill for a good lunch. The salads and burgers are absolutely fantastic. You may even have your own food. If so, no worries. There are plenty of free BBQ facilities and covered picnic tables to munch on your lunch!

So if you find yourself heading out of Cairns or maybe down into Cairns, be sure to stop off at Ellis Beach, a lovely bit of coastal paradise that provides a fine example of tropical landscape beauty at its best.

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