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As the worlds largest coral reef, the Great Barrier Reef is considered as one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Comprised of over 3000 separate reef systems, coral cays and hundreds of tropical islands to explore, the Great Barrier Reef is nothing short of a marvel!

Snorkelling and diving are amongst the most popular activities with tourists and locals alike, however there are many ways to explore the expansive waters and islands that comprise of this colossal beauty!

Tours and ferries are constantly heading out to the reef, exploring many islands including the ever popular Green Island, Frankland island the Low Isles to name a few.

Fishing is also fantastic out on the reef, from big game fishing charters to some of the smaller operators, you will be sure to get a good day out on the reef and pull up a few big catches.

As beautiful as the reef is underwater, it is just as spectacular above and there are many helicopter and aeroplane charters that will take you out onto the reef to give you a spectacular birds eye view. Many describe viewing the Great Barrier Reef from above as breathtaking.

For the thrill seekers, there are reef sky dives that take place constantly, allowing those daring enough to free fall over the reef and take in the surreal beauty and surrounding mountain landscapes.

Resorts and accommodation are available on selected islands, so if you’re someone that is after a true tropical island experience, there are opportunities to stay on the reef to just relax on the golden sands and really unwind.

On a sad note, the reef is slowly disappearing due to a number of environmental factors, so we highly recommend that you get out there and explore all it has to offer, before this magical wonder of the world is gone forever.

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Great Barrier Reef
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