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Many beaches are overlooked when looking for things to do in Cairns and Kewarra Beach is certainly one that is relatively unknown by tourists and visitors.

As far as Cairns Northern Beaches go, there certainly isn’t any shortage in regards to selection. Some of the beaches cater primarily for tourists (Palm Cove is a perfect example) yet many tourists fail to realise that there are many beaches along the coastline that are generally very quiet and just as stunning. Kewarra Beach is one of these beaches.

Kewarra Beach does not have all the fancy restaurants and cafes, yet it does behold a unique quality of both natural beauty and serenity, bringing to the table that quality we often look for in a location. Peace and quiet.

Along the sand backs of the beach, you will find countless palms and shade to lay under to get that real quality chill out time. Soak in the atmosphere and listen to the waves as they crash along the shore, or better yet, get in the waters for a dip.

The beach has a designated swimming area providing a stinger net for those that like to swim during the Summer months (when stingers are most common on the shores of Cairns). You will find that there are generally a handful swimming at the beach, however it is nothing like Palm Cove, which can often be over crowded and noisy.

Tips and Tricks

The beaches can often have murky brown waters. Get a nice North Easterly wind and you can get blue waters. 

Beware of stingers. Swim in the nets!

Crocodiles are found along all Cairns beaches. Be aware and be safe.

After a dip, we recommend a nice walk along the shores. The beach itself is of a good length and provides stunning backdrops of the Great Diving Range to the West, Double Island to the North East and stunning Cairns coastline to the South.

When you are done, we recommend a visit to Kewarra Beach Resort and Spa. Located on the North end of the beach the resort provides delicious meals at the Paperbark Restaurant, or on Fridays you can get down to The Beach Shack for delicious wood fire pizzas and entertainment.

So if you’re out and about and looking for some free Cairns attractions for yourself or the family, be sure to pop down to Kewarra Beach. A quiet location where you can recharge and daydream to your hearts content.

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