Lake Tinaroo

If you’re an outdoors person and are looking for things to do in Cairns, Lake Tinaroo may well just quench that outdoor thirst!

Host to over 500,000 visitors a year,, lake Tinaroo (also known as Tinaroo Dam) is a popular recreation hot spot, due to boasting over 200 km of shoreline and bordering in both the Danbulla State Forest and Tinaroo Range, providing facilities such as boat hire, tours, resorts and plenty of natural wonders to explore.

Covering almost 1,200 square kilometres, the Mareeba-Dimbulah Irrigation Area is spread across the valleys of the Barron, Walsh and Mitchell Rivers.

415 square kilometres of farmland are irrigated by the lake when it supplies its 205,000 megalitres of water each year. Farmers access this water from the extensive network of 176 kilometres of channels using either a gravity fed system or pumps. Areas not serviced by the channels can draw water from streams that have their water replenished by the Barron River, which, in turn, is fed by the lake.

The Tinaroo Hydro Power Station became operational in May, 2004 and generates 1.6 megawatts, thereby stopping 8,450 tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere each year. The dam is used to regulate the waterflow for use at the Barron Gorge Power Station.

As far as activities go around the lake Tinaroo area, hiking is a very popular activity as there are a range of paths all along the mountains, from short easy treks to week long trails for the more adventurous. Not into hiking? Maybe fishing is your poison?

Lake Tinaroo is stocked with a range of species, including barramundi (which are known to grow to enormous sizes), sooty grunter, sleepy cod, archer fish, spangled perch and even crayfish such as the ever popular red-claw.

Camping is an extremely popular thing to do in Cairns, especially during the dry season. There are so many sites to explore, however, if you are looking to explore the Atherton Tablelands, Lake Tinaroo is a perfect spot to set-up camp.

There are several camping areas around Lake Tinaroo, many varying in features and amenities, depending on your own personal wants and needs. All of these sites can be booked online HERE.

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Lake Tinaroo, Queensland, Australia
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