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Playing with the notion of moving to Cairns or recently started living in Cairns? You’re going to find that night time at first can be scary. Why? Curlews!

The Bush Stone Curlew bird is found everywhere in Cairns. In the bush, running around in the streets, local parks and even near the beaches. Yet, the Curlew is a nocturnal bird, so you will mostly see it at night, which leads us to the next segment of this article.

The Curlew has a haunting wailing call. If you are not used to it, the sound can be quite creepy, as it can often sound like someone being murdered or attacked.

Many people that have recently moved to Cairns have found themselves woken by the screeches of a Curlew. In turn, many men have been woken by their wives or girlfriends (often in panic) certain that a neighbour close by is being attacked. This is how intense the call is and oh boy, is it loud, however this is all a part of the adjustment phase when one moves to Cairns.

Nature is in abundance and just because the sun has gone down does not at all mean that everything goes silent. Many animals come out to hunt and the night time in Cairns can be quite active when it comes to wildlife, hence extra caution should be taken when driving, even in your local neighbourhood.

Very often you will see a pair of feet that (from the angle of your headlights) can sometimes look like the legs of a child. Curlews have a almost human like run, with bent knees and fast paced legs. When they run, it can actually look quite comical, like something out of a cartoon, yet they can also present as a surprise.

Sometimes at a glance a Curlew can be mistaken for something else. Luckily they tend to run in the opposite direction of a car, so it is quite rare to hit one.

So if you’re new to Cairns and hear a crazy screeching at night in the early hours of the morning, don’t panic. It’s just a Curlew, no one is in danger!

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