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Mountains in Cairns. There is certainly no shortage. Cairns is notorious for its stunning surrounding landscapes, which, even after a few years of living in Cairns, continue to amaze locals, let alone tourists.

Wherever you are in Cairns, there is a strong possibility that you are going to be able to walk into your backyard or out the front of your house and see sky scraping mountains. It truly is humbling. They remind you just how insignificant you are in the bigger picture of this thing they call life. We could go as far as to say you will begin to develop an existential perspective that you never thought you had.

Cairns is basically a coastal valley, backing onto a gigantic range of green monsters that look beautiful any day of the week. On a cloudy day, you will often be lucky enough to see a downpour on the peaks, watching as it slowly moves down into the valley below. On a clear day, you can even see a solemn cloud sitting on the top, very often appearing to be stuck right on the top.

The best however is on a clear Winters day when you see the wave. It will be a cloud that looks like a massive grey and white wave, breaking over the mountain peaks. On days like this you are not only happy to be alive, you’re also happy to be in Cairns.

For many, Cairns is as close to heaven as you can get and regardless of your mood, when you’re driving to work past the cane fields into town and look up and see these lingering giants it is sure to put a smile on your dial. It sure beats being stuck in traffic in Sydney, staring at a looming concrete tower.

Cairns mountains are without a doubt a spectacle. You won’t miss them, unless you’re staring at the ground the whole time, so look up and enjoy the natural beauty.

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