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Living in Cairns has its merits and positives, yet it also has its dangers and none are more dangerous than crocodiles.

If you’ve come from a sub-tropical, mild or cold climate, you would have never had to deal with the concept of living with crocodiles. For our team here, many took a while to adjust to the fact that these prehistoric giants are a part of the Cairns lifestyle, just like humidity and cyclones. It’s not a bid deal… as long as you remain aware.There are certain things you just can’t do (or have to be wary of) when you live in Cairns.

Swimming at beaches that are close to river heads is a general no no. Swimming in estuaries, especially with muddy mangrove water is also not advisable and last but not least, we don’t recommend swimming in the ocean at night or early morning close to shore. All three of these are considered risky when you live in Cairns and for many, it can be a substantial adjustment. There’s good news though.You do get used to it, plus there are plenty of wonderful swimming location alternatives, including the Great Barrier Reef, dozens of waterholes, waterfalls and beaches with designated swimming areas.

As much of a let down as this can seem, it can also be quite humbling to know that you are no longer at the top of the food chain. Cairns has that affect on people. It’s not like a big city. When you live in Cairns you learn very quickly that things are very different in the tropics and this is why it draws people in. In many ways Cairns seems very primal. So if you’re thinking about making the move to Cairns, don’t fret about the prospect of crocodile attacks. When you live in Cairns in the beginning it can be quite surreal, yet as time goes on they just become a part of life. All you have to do is be aware and be smart.

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