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Cairns is in a cyclone zone. When you’re living in Cairns, you live with cyclones. Although not “common”, they can have a massive impact on whether you choose to live in Cairns.

In 2011 Cairns experienced a massive cyclone… Cyclone Yasi. A Category 5 behemoth, of which was forecast to deliver extraordinary destruction. The QLD government had prepared for devastation. This not only included a full mobilisation of state emergency services, but also ten thousand body bags. Luckily there were only 3 deaths, most of which could have been easily avoided. Bottom line, cyclones are scary, however we are in a new technological age which allows us to prepare earlier.

Modern warning systems in place now utilise long range assessments to give residents ample time to prepare. Radio is also heavily utilised and is considered a Queenslanders best friend in regards to keeping up to date with cyclone activity. For some Cairns locals though, a cyclone is just another day. We love this about people in the Far North. Hardy!

Cyclone parties are common for many that live in Cairns and the Far North. As crazy as it sounds, locals and residents that have witnessed as many cyclones as they have, use it as an opportunity to have a few drinks and have a good time with friends and neighbours. It’s more of a psychological thing to keep their minds off the cyclone, although many are too proud to admit it. Bottom line though, cyclones are not to be taken lightly.

Since the mid 1990’s, Cairns and QLD have experienced several large cyclones. The mid to late 1990’s in Australia were notorious for strange weather behaviour, as well as the world, yet you can see that Cairns is no stranger to its fair share of cyclones and the locals will tell you the same thing over and over.

Tips and Tricks

Buy up on food, especially canned food. When a big cyclone comes, people stock up and food can run out.

Put your outside furniture in the pool or inside.

Stock up on fresh water.

Buy a radio that runs on batteries.

Buy a generator. Power can be cut off for days.

Stock up on grog. To the bottle-o!

Seriously though folks, when you live in Cairns, cyclones come with the territory. The tropics are both equally as beautiful as they are dangerous. Don’t let this deter you though. If you’re prepared, sensible and updated, you’ll get through it with no problem. When you do, who knows… perhaps YOU will be the next to invite us over for a cyclone party?! Just don’t forget to stock up on the XXXX!

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