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When you live in Cairns, you have made the choice to also live with an abundance of wildlife. Although some are more common than others, the gecko is the most common of all.

Geckos are everywhere in Cairns. Outside your house, in your garage or shed, in the garden and very often in your own house. These little critters are literally everywhere and it is a fact of tropical living that you need to learn to accept that they are here to stay. We say this, simply because there are many that move to Cairns and don’t realise the implications of living in the tropics. Many are unaware that they are going to be sharing their lives with some very strange and some very wonderful animals. This comes with the territory of living in Cairns. Like it or not. There are people that actually use fly spray to kill these cute little reptiles. They do this primarily because they leave little droppings. People that do this are not helping themselves, as geckos can really help around the house.

Geckos eat insects, especially flying insects. If you’re a fan of insects flying around your head when you are trying to sit outside relaxing, maybe sipping down a few cold well earned beverages, then by all means, go for your life. Most don’t consider this a good evening though, so if you want to minimise the pesky insect population around your house, let the geckos be. They can take care of it for you. Geckos also contribute to the unique environment that surrounds Cairns. You know you are in the tropics when you hear a distant echo clicking or chirping in the background. For many it adds to the tranquillity of living in Cairns.

Geckos also keep you on your toes. The amount of times some of us have opened a blind and had a gecko jump out are countless. They are particularly fond of residing near windows as this is where most of the feeding action can occur. You will also find them in beds, under furniture, on the walls, ceiling and even in the cupboards. When you are getting used to them, they can give you a bit of a startle, yet this adds a little more spice to life in Cairns. Let’s face it, life is boring when it is monotonous and predictable.

So if you are looking to move to Cairns or currently living in Cairns, remember that geckos play a fundamental role in the balance and harmony of nature in Cairns. Let them be and you’ll be sure to have a cute little family of insect eaters around your house forever.

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