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Living in Cairns and the tropics provides a fantastic lifestyle. Warm weather all year round and even when it rains, it’s still warm. Yet with heat and the damp comes a real challenge for those that reside in Cairns. Mould!

Mould is by far one of the most common issues that residents of Cairns face and it can be quite expensive to rectify and dangerous if not dealt with quickly. It grows on the walls, on the ceilings, on furniture and can grow on clothes. So… how can one defeat thy mortal enemy that be mould?

When you’re looking for a house to live (whether it be renting or buying), there are a few things that you should look for.

Tips and Tricks

Sunlight – Does the property get sufficient sunlight in all rooms? Are there any exceptionally dark rooms? Rooms that are relatively dark for most of the day are a perfect environment for mould to grow.

Damp Areas – Keep an eye out for water marks on walls, ceilings, windows and in cupboards. If there are leaks they will attract mould.

Air Conditioning – Air conditioners take the moisture out of the air and this is not only a life saver when you are going through a very humid Summer in Cairns, it also assists with controlling the dampness inside, which is a catalyst for mould.

Ventilation – A property that gets a good breeze and air flow throughout will be much less susceptible to mould growth.

Living in Cairns and the tropics comes with their negatives and when that humidity kicks in, there is more to worry about then just breaking a sweat. Make sure you look for the signs and when you see mould, deal with it quickly. The faster the response the less trouble you will have in the future.

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