Living in Cairns with Tropical Ear Infections

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When you are living in Cairns, swimming is often a big part of your lifestyle and with it, you will be faced with new challenges. One of the most constant issues that people face when living in the region is a painful one indeed! We’re talking about tropical ear.

Tropical ear (also known as swimmers ear) infections are unfortunately something that you will have to deal with if you are constantly swimming in Cairns, especially in the wet season (Summer months).

Caused by water being trapped in the ears, bacteria thrive in the ear and create the infection, which can not only be very painful, it can also be very hard to get rid of. The Summer months in Cairns are often the worst when it comes to the possibility of getting tropical ear, due to the humidity in the air.

Yet, as often is with many health related issues, the best treatment is prevention.

When you are finished swimming, make sure that you dry your ears out thoroughly. This can be done by either titling your head and letting the water drain out, or using your towel on the edges and slightly absorbing the water from your ears.

Another sure way to avoid tropical ear is with ear drops that you can get from the local chemist. We have found that any of the ear drops for swimmers ear that contain Isopropyl as an ingredient are very helpful. Isopropyl dries the ears right up, fast! Aqua Ear is a product that works fantastic.

Another way to prevent tropical ear infections is to swim with ear plugs. For some this can be uncomfortable, yet there are a few choices, such as ear putty or even fitted plugs. Ear plugs are not expensive and can save you the time of having to dry out your ears after swimming in Cairns.

If you do happen to get tropical ear, head to the local chemist to get some ear drops. If the infection does not go away, be sure to head to the local GP to get some antibiotics.

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