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Many choose to start living in Cairns for the relaxing lifestyle, some for the endless Summer and others for the feeling of closeness to nature. That is one redeeming feature about Cairns that people should consider before moving to Cairns.

Cairns is certainly no major city like Sydney or Brisbane. It is overall unspoiled and the harmony of which the population of Cairns live with nature is very apparent. This adds to the majestic beauty and spiritual awe of Cairns and continues to amaze people to this very day, however you must be aware of the reality of living in the tropics.

Nature is everywhere! We mean everywhere! As we type this article a Gecko is scuttling along the wall right beside one of our computer monitors. We love being so close to nature and by living in Cairns, you get a very humbling and very real sense of awareness of the fact that you’re in natures backyard now.

If you move to Cairns, you’re home will be invaded! Wait, don’t panic… We’re talking about Geckos! They are everywhere and as cute as they are they can sometime give you a startle. There have been a number of times when Cairns residents have opened a blind or curtain and a Gecko has jumped out and onto them! It’s certainly no Sydney. In Sydney your main concerns are gangs or possibly being hit by a car. In Cairns, it’s crocodiles, box jellyfish and snakes. Be prepared to have encounters with animals that you have never seen before and even some you never knew existed.

Other little gems that you are going to constantly come across are Green Tree Frogs and Wallabies.

Green Tree Frogs will come out in droves during the wet season and are very tolerant of being handled, however it is advisable to just let them be.

Wallabies on the other hand are not fond of handling, however if you are fortunate enough to have a backyard opening up onto bush land or a cane field, they will frequent your property if you leave out bowls of food for them.

Now, what to expect from the other side of the spectrum. Crocs! Crocodiles are everywhere. Even if you don’t see them in the salt water estuaries or beaches, know that they are there. Awareness is the key to avoid having an unfortunate run in with one. Look for the signs, talk to the locals and always keep and eye out. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

There can also be a few snakes around, especially in the Summer. Once again, be aware and educate yourself about the nature that surrounds you, understanding that you’re in their backyard now.

That really simplifies the diversity of nature in Cairns. If you love animals and are prepared to share your home with them, Cairns is the place for you. If you’re the kind of person that sprays everything you see that is in or outside of your house, you may want to rethink the move to Cairns. There are simply not enough cans of fly spray in the world to help you.

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