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Thinking of moving to Cairns? You’re going to be faced with many challenges, yet one of the biggest tasks is finding a property in Cairns to live in.

Let’s face it. Cairns is far away from… well… everything. The city is located in the Far North of Queensland. If you’ve checked a map of Australia, there is Cairns, right up there in the top right hand corner, distant from everything else, which can make moving to Cairns a very challenging task.

Distance is just one factor in the move though. You will probably have multiple things to do, including; finding a furniture removalist that services Cairns, securing employment, moving utilities and services over, redirecting mail and if you have kids, finding a school. Phew! Exhausting! Yet, the number one item on your agenda, the most important task at the very top of your list when preparing to move to Cairns is finding a property to live in and this process is probably the most difficult. Why? Okay, get this.

When you apply for a Cairns rental property that you are interested in moving into, you need to have physically viewed the property, or your application is void.

So, what happens when you are like most people that are moving to Cairns and you live thousands of kilometres away? Well, you probably have two options. If you’re lucky enough to know someone in Cairns, they can check a property out for you as your representative. Unfortunately, most are not that lucky, so guess what? You have to fly to Cairns to physically view a property that you may or may not even like! Plane tickets, car hire costs, accommodation if you’re staying overnight, food… it all adds up.

Suddenly, looking for a suitable rental property in Cairns has become both costly and time consuming!

Wouldn’t it be good if there were people in Cairns that could physically view the properties you are interested in? Well guess what?

Cairns Lifestyle can provide this service for you from as low as $195 * per property

Saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars! Save money, save time and save the frustration of dealing with Cairns real estate agents. We know that moving to the tropics is a life changing experience, yet it doesn’t have to start off as a stressful one. Order your property inspection here

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