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Looking for a unique experience out on the Great Barrier Reef? With so many islands, reefs and cays out in the stunning tropical waters of the Far North, there is one that is particularly unique. Normanby Island.

As a part of the Frankland Islands located 30 km south-west of Cairns, Normanby Island is absolutely teeming with marine life and is a notorious hot spot for the elusive Green Sea Turtle, which find the island to be an ideal nesting ground.

Although only around 7 hectares in size, Normanby Island offers a vast and comprehensive set of reef systems and continues to grow in popularity for both visitors and residents in the region of Cairns, with regular charters now heading out the the island daily for diving and exploration.

For visitors to the island, snorkelling and diving are often a high priority, especially considering the good chance that visitors will get the opportunity to get a glimpse of the turtles around the island and reef systems. The waters, marine life and coral systems around the island are also quite diverse, surrounded by an abundance of bombies and varieties of coral. Prefer to keep your feet dry? Not a problem.

Normanby Island provides a fine selection of stunning rainforest walking trails, shoreline strolls, shallow rock pools and a fantastic opportunity to find some seriously amazing sea shells that wash up along the shores. The views of the Great Dividing Range are also quite stunning from the island, with huge backdrops of the mountain range spanning all the way down the coastline. With this in mind, the location is truly ideal if your are looking for romantic things to do in Cairns.

Like any island that you visit out on the reef, we highly recommend that you pack sunscreen, sturdy footwear, a hat and take plenty of drinking water. Day trips are provided by a number of operators throughout the week, so there are plenty of opportunities to get out to Normanby Island for that perfect day out. If you feel like you may need more than a day to explore this beautiful part of the world, there is also an opportunity to stay longer.

Camping is available on the neighbouring Russell Island, however those that choose to camp on this island are required by law to obtain a permit before you arrive. Russell Island is perfect for that exclusive experience, as it is often empty. Campers that arrive at the island can often be the only ones there, getting to experience the wonder and beauty all by themselves. Just be aware that Russell island is a national park, so you will need to brink your own cooking gear, firewood and be certain to leave the island with your rubbish.

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Normanby Island, Queensland, Australia
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