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Surfing in Cairns is not really a hot topic, however the die hard surfers out there that move to Cairns often ask us where to go. There are plenty of spots out on the reef, such as Arlington Reef, however they can take a good hour to two hours to get to and more often than not, they end up being disappointing. It’s very hard to pick a good day out on the reef unless you can read all the signs.

On the land though, you can get a wave and if you’re desperate for surf related things to do in Cairns, you might get lucky. Buchan Point, Ellis Beach. About half an hour drive north of Cairns, you will find yourself at Ellis Beach. It’s a beautiful spot, often uncrowded and on the southern end you’ll find a right hand break. It doesn’t break often, however if you are desperate for a ride you can get one. Waves start to break at the 1 foot mark and we have seen it breaking in excess of 3 foot. The right is a point break. It’s a slow break and good for a mini mal board or the larger boards. The bottom is sand and a few rocks, predominately sand though.

Another sweet spot you may get some good waves is Rocky Point, just North of Mossman. Rocky Point has a long peeling right hand, that breaks slowly and can range from 1 – 4 foot. Both spots can give a good ride, but just be wary of the conditions and more importantly what lurks in the water. Crocodiles and sharks.

Yeah. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water. Shark are bad enough but crocodiles are in a whole league of their own. The water is often murky, so you often have no idea or little warning as to the presence of one of these bad boys. Regardless of their presence, people have often seen people surfing on this break and have never heard of an attack. Still, use common sense. Don’t go out for an early or late and when you do go out, go with others. After all, your safety and well-being is far more important than getting a few waves.

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Arlington Reef, Queensland, Australia
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