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Looking for things to do in the Atherton Tablelands by car? Why not pop by The Peanut Place at Tolga for some scrumptious treats along the way? People just go “nuts” for their delicious products!

Located in Tolga out on the Atherton Tablelands, The Peanut Place is a must do when passing through the region. As a family owned business, the Herbohn family have been growing peanuts since the 1940’s and are now an impressive four generations in the industry, notorious for their Hi Oelic peanuts.

Experience Australia’s finest peanuts, that are not only delicious, they’re also great for you. The Atherton Tablelands are an ideal location for growing them, due to the regions rich volcanic soil, plentiful water and effective farming techniques.

Products range from a huge selection of nuts, fresh peanut butter (of many varieties) and even peanut butter ice cream! Yum! This all sounds a little naughty, however peanuts actually have multiple health benefits. They are high in anti-oxidants, fibre, amino acids, cholesterol free, low in sodium and are known to lower blood pressure, reduce heart disease, promote intestinal health and more. You’d almost be doing your body a disservice by not stopping by and grabbing a few peanut products and with such a huge range, there is certainly something for everyone, especially if you’re out looking for things to do in Cairns or the Tablelands with kids.

So if you’re on a road trip and stopping by some of the local township and attractions in Atherton Tablelands, be sure to stop by The Peanut Place for some delicious and nutritious mouth watering goodies!

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Auld Road, Tolga QLD 4882, Australia
-17.2025117, 145.4780816

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2014-08-03 12:27:20
We always pop though here when we are heading to Yungaburra. My daughter always wants me to stop off the the peanut butter ice cream. Ha ha. She can'e get enough of it.

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