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Seeking things to do in Cairns with an indigenous appeal? Well then you need to definitely get to Tjapukai.

As veterans of Tjapukai, we can say that there is only one other indigenous experience that we have had in Cairns that compares. That was Flames of the Forest. Both are considered fantastic choices as Cairns attractions… but we’re getting off topic.

Situated on a 25 acre site at Caravonica (15 minutes drive out of town), Tjapukai is an excellent opportunity to learn the ancient traditions and cultures of the Australian indigenous population, spanning back over 40,000 years, providing an interactive experience inclusive of music, hunting, dance, food, medicines, weapons, art and last but not least, stories of the Dreamtime. The buffet lunch and dinners are also exceptional, providing a smorgasbord of  delicious foods.

There are two tours, the Day Tour and the Night Tour. If you choose the Night Tour, we have something to ask you.

Do you like dancing? Well, we hope you like dancing on a stage in front of a crowd of strangers, because there is a chance you will be picked to get up and have a go with the Tjapukai people. It’s all fun and games tough and if you do end up on stage, you will end up with a nice gift at the end of it.

Personally, we’ve always found the Night Tour to be better suited for adults. The Day Tour is perfect if you are looking for things to do in Cairns with kids and let us tell you, the kids will love it!

Aside from the tours, you also have to spend some time browsing in the gift shop. There is an abundance of locally crafted art, didgeridoos, instruments and other miscellaneous wonders. It will be hard for you to leave without buying something, as the craftsmanship of many of the items for sale is immaculate.

All in all though, we can guarantee that you will have a fantastic night or day of entertainment, learning and cuisine. So stop long around for cultural experiences and get yourself to Tjapukai. As far as cultural and indigenous Cairns attractions go, Tjapukai is an outstanding choice.

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