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Walsh’s Pyramid isn’t a pyramid built by an ancient and very wise civilisation, yet it is very popular for those that love hiking and are looking for things to do in Cairns that gives them an opportunity for a fantastic photo opportunity.

Drive 30 minutes South of Cairns and you’ll notice a few things that change. Cane fields start to dominate the landscape, things get a great deal greener and the mountains start to get really BIG!

When you are heading to Walsh’s Pyramid, there’s no doubt that you will see it long before you get to this monstrosity of a mountain and standing at 922 metres tall, this free standing volcanic giant isn’t for the faint of heart.

Experienced hikers will take on average 4 plus hours, but for those of us that aren’t used to big hikes, it can take substantially longer, especially if you have kids tagging along. Yet, it’s worth every pain staking step once you get to the summit.

Reaching the top of Walsh’s Pyramid is not only extremely gratifying with a real sense of achievement… it’s the views that really make this popular Cairns Mountains hike worth it.

Standing atop this mountain for many feels like touching the heavens. With a full 360 degree view of Cairns and its outlying towns, the landscape is nothing short of breathtaking. You know you’re up a good distance when clouds pass by so close you can touch them.

Tips and Tricks

Walsh’s Pyramid requires an average level of fitness (minimum). You should be healthy to take it on.

We do not recommend this hike with young children. 5 plus hours of walking seems like 25 hours with little legs.

Bring the camera or you will regret it!

The track is rocky and can get muddy and slippery in the wet. We don’t recommend taking it on in the wet.

Parking is available at the base of the mountain. To get there, travel down Bruce Highway and take a right at Moss Rd. Travel 100 metres down Moss Rd and you will come across a gravel track veering to the right (it has the marking of a red rectangle). Travel down this gravel track for another 100 metres and you will arrive at the parking area.

This is located on private property, so be sure to not park in the way of any main access areas or gates.

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