What is it like to live in Cairns?

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What is it like to live in Cairns? We get asked this question many times by friends and colleagues alike, so hey… we’ll give it a shot.

Living in Cairns is like living in a paradise you only saw in your dreams. Yeah, that’s a big call we know, but you ask people that live in Cairns and they will all say the same thing. It’s in some ways hard to describe because there are so many aspects of living in Cairns that make it  such a beautiful place to live. The people are a good start, because people are the heart of a city.

When you live in Cairns, it is very easy to make friends. You will get some people that come up with a very unfavourable attitude, however we find most are fantastic. We’ll give you a tip. If you’re coming from a notoriously unfriendly city like Sydney and you bring that attitude to Cairns, you are not going to be very popular. People that live in Cairns don’t like bullsh*t. They won’t respect you if you’re a typical, shallow, narcissistic urbanite. If you are currently looking to live in Cairns, be mindful of this. You will not be welcome if you don’t adopt a community spirit and similar mindset. We know that this comes across as very direct, however, many people move to Cairns to get away from that certain mentality and if you don’t move to Cairns with an open mind and open heart, you don’t belong in Cairns.

Now, let’s talk about the natural environmental beauty of Cairns. Cairns is still unspoilt. It has not been overdeveloped and had its culture destroyed by capitalistic greed. Unlike towns like Byron Bay and the Gold Coast, Cairns has maintained an ethical approach to the preservation of its unique environment and this is due to the fact that Cairns relies heavily on tourism. Take away the natural environmental beauty and you would lose a majority of the two million plus tourists that visit the shores of Cairns every year. Things are slowly changing though. Characterless new estates continue to pop up, which we personally believe devalue Cairns, however that is neither here nor now.

Last but not least… the weather. Cairns, for most of the year, has amazing weather. You can walk around in board shorts and a t-shirt all year round. When you live in Cairns, you will be spoilt by consistently warm weather. Cairns Summers can get quite humid, however most do adapt to the tropical climate. For most, 9 months of bliss is worth the 3 months of on and off humidity.

Now… to go into more detail about what it is like living in Cairns could really fill up a book. There are many articles on this site that cover many topics and you should give them all a good read. Articles are being added all the time, so you will never be short of new information to read. Then again… you will never truly know until you start to live in Cairns, or at least take a holiday for a few weeks.

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