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The Northern beaches of Cairns are littered with beautiful suburbs, yet Yorkeys Knob is often overlooked. Why? Simply because many people believe that the entire suburb is riddled with noise pollution from the Cairns Airport incoming aircraft flight path. We’re going to let you in on a secret… a good deal of it isn’t, yet it’s because of this generalised perception that people tend to overlook the beauty of Yorkeys.

When you take the turn off into Yorkeys Knob, you drive through cane fields for a few kilometres. It’s acts like a barrier, that seems to contain the outside world from the suburb, adding as one of the redeeming feature of Yorkeys. Pass the cane fields and you also see that this is a hidden gem, with cafes, restaurants, quiet back streets and a world class location for kite surfing. Then there is the primary attraction. Yorkeys Knob Boat Club.

Located right on the waterfront, Yorkeys Knob Boat Club is a fantastic location for lunches, dinners, live entertainment and a good night out with friends. You can eat out on the deck overlooking the water and mountain backdrop and if you feel a little naughty, throw a few left over prawn tails in the water below. Watch as giant fish in the dozens scramble to gobble them up.

Up until now, Yorkeys Knob Boat Club has been the primary feature of Yorkeys, yet that could change in the near future, as this cute little suburb could soon be the owner of a multi billion dollar casino and mega-resort.

If bigger is better, then Yorkeys Knob is about to possibly take the helm as “the biggest”. The Yorkeys Knob casino and resort is claimed to be bringing over 20,000 jobs to the local Cairns economy. It will certainly put Yorkeys Knob on the map as a popular tourist destination in Cairns, yet, if approved, what does this mean for the suburb?

The Yorkeys Knob casino and resort will evidently bring tourists and money into the local economy, no doubt. Yet at what cost to the residents and ambiance of Yorkeys Knob? Will it decimate the charm of the suburb? Or will Yorkeys Knob maintain its allure and character?

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