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Cairns Lifestyle is much more than a popular review and information site for Far North Queensland. We engage in and provide a wide range of services for Cairns and regional businesses, with the goal of helping them achieve their true potential. Read below to find out what we can do for you!

Advertising Services

Cairns Lifestyle ServicesGet exposure to thousands of potential clients every month and drive targeted traffic to your business!  With Cairns Lifestyle, you are advertising with a growing on-line resource. Advertise with us and reach out to member of the public looking for things to do in Cairns – services in Cairns – living in Cairns – moving to Cairns and much more! Find out MORE



Interactive Business Reviews

Interactive-ReviewsConnect the public with your business on a whole new level. Have one of our staff review your business and get your brand and vision out there! We bring the public to you, providing our site visitors with interactive, visual and engaging reviews that give your business the opportunity to reach thousands. Find out MORE. Big DIY fan? You can list your business for free!



Deals and Promotions

Deals-and-promotions-in-CairnsCairns Lifestyle is a perfect platform to launch your business deals and promotions, regardless of if you are in Cairns or surrounding regions. Submit unlimited promotions to our members and visitors for free. Save yourself paying out 20% commission and provide a 20% off deal to entice customers. We won’t charge you a cent. Submit your deals for free!



Website Design

Website Design in Cairns“At June 2013, 10.81 million Australians went on-line more than once a day” – ACMA. Many Cairns and regional businesses have outdated websites that fail to engage potential clients. Many have no website at all. Cairns Lifestyle partner with Regional Help Desk Solutions to provide the latest platforms and internet marketing strategies for you to tap into the ever growing marketplace of the Internet and get your website making money!



Graphic Design

Graphic-Design-in-CairnsLooking to promote your company but need help creating your vision? Cairns Lifestyle partner with Regional Help Desk Solutions to provide exceptional Graphic Artistry. Attract more customers and take advantage of their in-house Graphic Designer. Services include… Business Cards, Logo Development, Brochures, Advertising Flyers, Invitations, Newsletters, Leaflets, Banners, Signs, Posters and more! Give your business the edge!




Copywriting services in CairnsWant to promote your business but feel overwhelmed with the concept of creating catchy and engaging content? Our in-house team of writers are all based in Cairns. Let your creative concept come alive and give your business that edge that you’re after when it comes to catching the public’s eye. As they say… the pen is mightier than the sword! Contact us Today



IT Services and Consultation

IT-Services-in-CairnsExperiencing IT problems? Many businesses cannot afford to have their own in-house IT staff, neglecting the chance to increase efficiency. Cairns Lifestyle partner with Regional Help Desk Solutions to offer affordable onsite ICT solutions. Utilise over 30 years of knowledge with their local experts with backgrounds in a wide range of fields, including; business, finance, retail, sports management, aviation, government and more!



SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Services

Cairns-SEO-ServicesCan’t find your business on the Internet? Don’t have a digital marketing strategy? Search Engine Optimisations is now more important than ever! The Internet is a perfect platform to grab more business passively and we have the skills to get you ranking in Google for your industry. Let us help you to obtain that presence on the Internet and obtain more clients. Contact us Today



ON-LINE Booking Solutions

Online-Booking-SystemsYou shouldn’t have to deal with paperwork and multiple phone calls day in and day out! Not when you can automate your booking and reservations systems like a pro (at a very affordable price). Take bookings from your website or on Cairns Lifestyle and automate your booking processes with state of the art systems, saving you money and time. Contact us Today



Website and Domain Hosting

website-and-domain-hosting-in-cairns1Not only do we design websites, we can also host them for you at very competitive prices! Keep your website in safe hands with local experts that won’t give you the run around and that put you and your business first! Save $$$ and move your website over to Cairns Lifestyle to simplify your life today.



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